The Perl Purity Test
Version 1.04, October 16, 1996
Written by Jeff Okamoto (
With Help from Tom Christiansen (
Other Suggestions from Christopher Davis (
Webified by Erik Braun (
Traduit en français par les Perl Mongueurs de Paris (

This is similar to other Purity Tests, of which perhaps the most famous is the Unisex, Omnisexual Purity Test that can be found in

Additions are welcome. Please send them to

Answer each question with a yes or no. The program will keep track of your answers and at the end, tell you your Perl Purity Percentage, and also a description of what kind of Perl person you are.

Repondez à chaque question par oui ou non. Le programme calculera votre score, indiquera votre pourcentage de pureté ainsi que le genre de personnage de Perl que vous êtes.

There are 181 questions in this version.

Il existe 181 questions dans cette version.

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